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How to really influence people

I feel like i should be talking about how to get to really influence people through out this week in this #21day bloggingexperience. So let’s see how far we can go with that.

Alright. I’m going to use my own lessons  and that of a few others throughout this episode1.


I was traveling from Lagos to Uyo. We stopped at one restaurant to eat along the road.

At one corner of the restaurant, some guys were selling grilled meat or what we call suya here.

As i made to get some apple fruits, one of those guys offered me a free bite of the hot tasty meat.

I smiled at him. He was like, take na, it’s free. Just taste it. I refused to collect the meat. I was not ready for it. But I decided to buy some instead.

when i got into the car, i began to wonder why I bought the meat. It wasn’t making as much sense as i expected. It wasn’t even satisfactory. I hardly buy meat like that while on a journey. but i bought it that day Because i liked how the guy presented it to me.

So today, I decided to share this experience with you today so i can teach you at least just one lesson.

It’s much easier to influence people if you allow them to first of all influence you instead of going out to influence them directly. I call this, the ice breaking strategy.

This is how it works. You get to know the person. Make him like you. After that he’ll give you permission to influence him.

Remember you can only make people like you only if they believe you’re worth being liked.

So instead of going to ask people to buy from you, present them a free version of your irresistible offer.

Instead of going to speak to convince people in far away congo to buy your digital camera, learn their native language, go and meet them,  take pictures of them in your camera. Tell them in their language how they can create exactly keep creating the same experience in exactly the same way you did, all the time.

You can easily influence people if only you’ll be selfless enough to allow yourself be influenced by them. This works both scientifically and theoretically.

We’ll continue from here tomorrow. Have a winning evening.


21 days blogging experience: why i failed.

I want to really thank you for reading up this blog, the few days i tried to write my daily blogging experience. I really appreciate you.

If you followed through my initial promise of sharing my blogging journey here on a daily basis for 21 days, you’ll know that i failed at that. A few days after I started.

Yes. I had reasons for that. I had targets to meet. I had people’s work to deliver so i could use those as excuses to cover it up. But, the thing is, i failed to live up to that plan to write here every single day. That’s the truth.

I failed my self and my readers. And i felt really bad. But i don’t want to let that failure stop me so I’m going to start all over again.

You see, the very beautiful thing about failure is accepting it as it is. Taking up the lessons and fixing what has to be fixed.

Let me tell you my friend. You will have some good enough reasons and excuses to give for your personal failures.

People will tell you, hey you’re from a third world country so it’s okay to fail.

Folks will remind you of your background. Of your mediocre school which your level of success is even a plus. They will tell you to calm down after all no one has even achieved as much as you do.

But I’m going to tell you the truth. Your success and failure should be a measure of your dreams and aspirations. And not other people’s measures of success or circumstances.

The simple truth here in my situation is that i failed here on this particular aspiration. It doesn’t matter that i used the chance to work on other things. I lost the chance to create the results that would have gotten me closer to the bigger goals.

As a writer, blogger or entrepreneur, i want you to understand that there will always be so many things seeking your urgent attention.

Out of those things there are some of them that will get you towards your biggest goals if you work on them. There are also others that will only serve a basic need at the particular time.

Don’t sacrifice the future for the present my friend. If you want to keep your focus, Choose what works best with your biggest goals every time.

and whenever you fail yourself like i did. Get up and start all over again. Discipline yourself for every failure and reward yourself for every success.

Today marks the first day in this new #21daysbloggingexperience.

If i fail again, i will start all over again.

Did you learn anything? Please tell me about it. Drop your comments ?

Have a winning week.

Can we really die empty?

So today, i sat at the sport Center looking at Sprinters and how happy they were living their dreams.

As i sat there thoughts streamed through my mind. I began to have memories of my younger teenage days.

I remembered how good i was in field and track events.

I was a sportman. I stumbled on that part of me while we were organizing sporting competitions in secondary school.

The day i got chosen to run, i was pointed out because there was no one else to do it.

No one really believed i could run any far because i looked really fragile.

I never believed i could do it either. But i just gave it my best shot because i felt i had nothing to lose.

That day, i ran hundred metres then two hundred and i won. I felt surprised at myself. I went on to win many more competitions.

Today while seating at the Sport center, i saw people doing just this. Running. And then with nostalgic feelings, i remembered all the fond memories i had.

I remembered the dreams i had about becoming a great Sprinter. I remembered my aspirations and how i wanted to bring everything i had to the field.

I don’t know exactly why it happened but i felt a deep sigh of regret escape my lips. I never lived those dreams. I didn’t give myself the chance to do this. It hurts.

So today as i sat right there, i told myself once again, I might never get to express this part of me. Never.

Look! You might think i’m too young to say this but, i’ve seen my life the way it’s going. I may never become a Sportsman. I might only live my life admiring those who became sportmen.

I feel a bit sad writing about this. But, such is life.


Whatever you have to do. You have to do it while you have time.

Seasons change. Time ticks away. Opportunity ends.

I believe we can really die empty if we decide to pursue the things that lie close to our hearts, when it’s still time.

I love you.


As someone people look up to, is it wrong to feel down?

At a point i got really down today.

I felt so sad that i just got to begin to wonder if it’s wrong to feel down.

Is it wrong to feel sad? I began to ask myself.

I was like, hey Vick, you’re supposed to be an inspiration to a whole lot of people out there. You’re supposed to cheer them up and help them find a reason to get going so why would you say you’re feeling down?

I’ve seen folks live fake lives so they can keep being what people think they are. But that’s really silly to me. It’s much like dying from the inside out.

I mean, you can’t cover a wound within forever. Over time it will spread out and people will get to see it.

I think sometimes despite your standing or occupation, you really have to own up to your feelings.

It helps you sort out ways to help yourself deal with it. Denying your emotional states only ends up getting things worse.

If you’re feeling sad, accept it and find out what’s causing it. If you’re feeling suicidal don’t keep it to yourself. Talk to people if you have to. Everyone is dealing with one thing or the other. Stop feeling that people will laugh at you for being honest.

I just said it tonight. I’m really down and out. I know what’s causing it. I’m going to try to deal with it but first, I’m starting with this novel.

Happy Sunday to you.

Have you ever felt down and out? How did you deal with it?


Welcome Victor Winners Journal 2.0

Yay! I’m excited we’re back again, stronger wiser and better. Back at what we’ve been doing. Adding value to lives. Inspiring you to dream and helping you question realities around you.

That’s exactly what Victor winners journal 2.0 is all about. It’s going to be a journey I’d like us to take together. So i wanted to start this launch with something not so peculiar.

Eh hen. I’m sure you’ve heard about the 21 day habit formula right? Ok if you’ve not heard it. Let me explain it briefly. One guy said that err… People can now form habits after doing one particular action consistently for 21 days.

I don’t know how credible this is though most people confirmed it. But as they say, seeing is believing so I’m going to try mine. I’m going to be updating this journal at least once,  every single day for the next 21 days. I want to see how this will become a habit.

Yes. If it happens i form a new habit of blogging, blogging here every day, i will apply this in other areas of my life and also teach others to do this. If it doesn’t work, i will write series of posts to disprove this assertion.

Are you joining me on this? I’m ready to start my daily documentary series within the next 21 days. Let’s get to work. What habit do you want to form in the next 21 days?

PS: There are so many programs ear marked for the Victor Winners Journal 2.0. This includes celebrating our fans, promotion of their stuff and connecting them to opportunities.

You’ll have so much to learn as we grow together. Let the fun begin. Victor Winners.

Let’s talk about blogging with videos 

Alright blogging with videos or vlogging is now the next big thing in the blogging industry. 

I’ve watched stars rise from vlogging. Seen major talk shows emerge from ordinary video sharing and so on. 

It’s quite amazing how humans respond to motion pictures. I think it’s natural for us anyway. We love videos. 

Perhaps while pictures speak a thousand words, videos speak hundreds of thousands. Lol. 

Ok. So besides seeing your written content, your readers aught to see videos of you talking about your stories. 
Does it even matter you ask. 

Yes it does. This is because people have different ways or should i call it different media of responding to stuff like lectures, tutorial and all that. 

For instance, personally i prefer audio. Stuff posted on audio format resonates a lot with me. 

That’s because i do multi task a lot. So while doing something with my hands, i can put up the audio there and just listen to it. 

I’m sure most of your blog readers are like me. They multi task. Or they’ll also want to try other means of getting to read your stuff like audio, videos etc. 

So why not get your hands on your smartphone or laptop and just create a video for your next blog post? 

Well, putting up videos on your blog and perhaps social media doesn’t just help your Search Engine Optimization effort, it brings in a whole new dimension to your narratives. 

As an added advantage, you can upload it on YouTube, Instagram and all em video sharing site. 

It’s the best way to eat your cake and have it.

Because you can make a video out of the same written post, publish it and spread it on all these platforms as a whole new post with optimum search engine results. 

I think i’ve said enough already. So you can now go and start making up awesome videos, add life to your narrative and watch your platform grow. Hahaha. 

Now watch my video below and tell me what you think. 

Welcome Victor Winners Journal version 2.0

This is to officially announce the launching of Victor Winners Journal, version 2.0.

I’m glad it’s finally happened. And even as i keep working to put everything in place, i want to inform you that i feel really safe writing here so you’re really going to enjoy some good time as i feed you with deep stuff, straight from my heart. 

I want to really thank you also. Thank you for standing by me through out this period I’d been struggling to get back what’s left of my site on the internet. 

I want to let you know that i deeply appreciate you. I’m blessed to have a fan like you. Yes. 

It takes effort to believe in people. And even more effort to believe in strangers. But here, you gave me your absolute trust. 

I really appreciate you. And i promise to do my best to stand right here with you even as we grow together.. 

Victor Winners. 

I didn’t realize Changing the world could be this cheapcheap

I didn't realize changing the world could be this cheap
Let me tell you the truth. 
I’ve so felt like leaving everything about website designing behind so i can focus on my writing and blog coaching. 

In fact considering that there’s nothing as sweet as the freedom of having a platform to express yourself and affect others positively, I’ve contemplated going back into full time writing. 

But again, the truth is besides writing and blogging, designing websites gives me so much joy. 

I don’t know. I can’t really understand why. The joy i see on my clients face each time a client gets his website online baffles me a lot. I always feel so happy inside of me. 

I believe that’s part of what we mean when we talk about adding value to other peoples’s lives. 

I think helping people expand their business, influence and reach new horizons on the internet is also my little way of changing the world.

Trust me, i never realized changing the world could be this cheap. Lol

I love what I’m doing. 

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