Yay! I’m excited we’re back again, stronger wiser and better. Back at what we’ve been doing. Adding value to lives. Inspiring you to dream and helping you question realities around you.

That’s exactly what Victor winners journal 2.0 is all about. It’s going to be a journey I’d like us to take together. So i wanted to start this launch with something not so peculiar.

Eh hen. I’m sure you’ve heard about the 21 day habit formula right? Ok if you’ve not heard it. Let me explain it briefly. One guy said that err… People can now form habits after doing one particular action consistently for 21 days.

I don’t know how credible this is though most people confirmed it. But as they say, seeing is believing so I’m going to try mine. I’m going to be updating this journal at least once,  every single day for the next 21 days. I want to see how this will become a habit.

Yes. If it happens i form a new habit of blogging, blogging here every day, i will apply this in other areas of my life and also teach others to do this. If it doesn’t work, i will write series of posts to disprove this assertion.

Are you joining me on this? I’m ready to start my daily documentary series within the next 21 days. Let’s get to work. What habit do you want to form in the next 21 days?

PS: There are so many programs ear marked for the Victor Winners Journal 2.0. This includes celebrating our fans, promotion of their stuff and connecting them to opportunities.

You’ll have so much to learn as we grow together. Let the fun begin. Victor Winners.