Life is not about the competition. It’s about using all that you have completely, to the best of your ability.

If you go about comparing your life with or trying to compete with everyone you meet you will be disappointed big time.

There’s a reason why two people. Two brothers. Two friends can have same aspirations but two people can never have exactly the same resources, time, privileges and opportunities.

Life happens to all of us collectively yet individually. And before the universe, you’re a complete individual.

Most people deliberately go about with this concept about some competitive life.

Such things don’t exist. Yes I know as humans, our species by default thrive on a survival of the fittest… The best thrives.

So we’ll always have this in built desire to overtake others. Or do more than what other people are doing not minding the consequences.

Aspiring to overtake others is not a bad thing. The bad thing is losing our individuality and forgetting about the resources we have which somehow is always good enough for us to get started with our aspirations.

Notwithstanding our default nature, as we go out every single day with a desire to get back home with a “bag” of happiness, we should learn to differentiate between competition and the concept of “flow”.

Indeed you have to understand your flow is the place you’re supposed to find ease. And this is where your whole focus should be.