So you just got home from work, tired and worn out. You slugged into the bed without bothering to even remove your clothes.

Take it slowly. Take it easy with yourself, you try to calm yourself as the their silent mocking laughter keeps echoing through your eyes.

You feel like you should just quit working. Yet considering your next pay check you’re so confused.

And you keep asking yourself, I’m i really old fashioned? Is it true I’m so unfit to be in their midst?

You’re worried, sad and depressed. Bit they don’t care. They just gave you an opinion as usual that you look ugly in that dress.

The same opinion they gave you last week. And just like last week you’ve done everything to dress like them only that you’re so uncomfortable doing that.

You love your simple flowing skirt with long sleeved tops. But no. They hate you for it. They want you to dress like them.

So this is what most of us battle with, every single day.

We value ourselves no doubt. At least we feel so. But these folks won’t let us be. So for us to be in peace, we try to blend. To be like them too. And in the process, we lost the whole essence of who we are.

Can i tell you something?

Each time you let other people’s opinion drown yours, you deny yourself the the power to be everything God wants you to be.

Every time you cower when one person tries to shove their opinion down your throat, you’re giving other people a chance to do same again and again.

You have a self that needs to be valued and loved but you can never value your self until you understand and accept the things that makes you different.

Self love demands you come to terms with whatever makes you stand out, accept it and then project it. Doing this gets others flocking to you.

When you understand and accept yourself, you’re sending out a message that this is who i am. This is what i can take. And this is what i can’t.

Trust me the more you value yourself, the more you’ll be able to walk away from whatever is going to devalue you.

And if you’ve not come to the place of loving yourself as a human being, no kind of loving relationship will really fix that for you. There will always be something left to be filled up.

I would want to continue on and on… But let’s pause here for today.

This post was longer and richer than this but the first draft got deleted entirely while i was about posting it.

Until our next post… Keep winning.