Back from our break yesterday. Welcome to today’s episode on #21daybloggingexperience which is also the last on the Thanksgiving lifestyle series.

Today we’ll be talking about how to motivate people with a single thank you.

Alright. Before then let me ask you. How many times did you say thank you to someone today?

Mine was about 5 or 6 times. And don’t even begin to ask about why i seem to say a constant number of “thank you” everydsy. lol.

I think perhaps the nature of my work and daily interactions is basically a one man journey so i hardly interact with people that much on a single day. That’s why i hardly have chances to say thank you to people.

Ok. That’s said. So my most embarrassing thank you moments today was when i thanked this guy for what he’s actually paid to do for me…

As i stopped to think about it much later, one part of my heart was like, why did you even thank him sef? is he not paid to do that? Is that not part of his job description? The other heart was saying, hey that’s a good thing you did.

So i want you to be my judge today. Tell me, do you think it’s right to thank people who have done things for you which is in the course of their duty to do it?

I’ve noticed so many people don’t even bother saying thanks to people they pay to work for them. Especially those domestic servants, service providers, receptionist etc. We often expect it’s their work so they don’t deserve thanks.

But is this all about it? Are we supposed to only show gratitude to people who have done us favours?

That was by the way anyway. let’s fix today’s topic mbok.

So the most interesting thing i learned about saying thank you today is the scientific report that SHOWING GRATITUDE IMPROVES YOUR CHOLESTEROL LEVELS. Isn’t that amazing?

But our Yoruba people will just say cholesterol ko. Thanksgiving ni.??? Lol.

Ok. So again on the scientifically proven benefits of thank you, Francesca Gino, an associate prof in Harvard Business School in her research on the “power of thanks” had this to say,

” receiving expressions of gratitude helps us develop a heightened sense of self-worth and this in turn triggers certain helpful behaviors towards the person we’re helping and other people too”.

Did you get that? Ok let me show you another part of the research Gino did…

Focusing on fund raisers that received a fixed income per year at a University, the director visited a random half of the fund raisers in person telling them ” i am really grateful for your Hardwork. We sincerely appreciate your contributions to the university”.

He made sure the second group never received such commendations.

The impact?

The director’s expression of gratitude increased the number of fund calls to the University by over 50 percent during the week From the people he thanked personally.

While those other fund raisers who received no appreciation merely raised about the same amount of funds they did the previous week.

Source: Harvard Gazette.

You see, when you miss a chance to show gratitude, you lose a free opportunity to motivate people to improve or take certain decisions in your favour.

I won’t even talk about organizations, a little word like “Thank you for being an amazing employee, we value your effort” can really boost the productivity levels of that employee.

The same goes with your clients. Appreciating and valuing your clients is one sure way of securing their loyalty.

And for you dear writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and you looking forward to outstanding growth, you can’t get through this journey alone.

Even if you’re paying people to work for you, appreciate them. You’ll only end up fast tracking your journey in the process.

The end.

Thanks for being such an amazing partner and sharing this blog with your friends. I really value your effort.

PS: I really want to wrap up this series on the thank you lifestyle today though i feel there are many more things i could expand on in here… If i have just five request, i might consider giving us a bonus post on this??? otherwise, we’re getting right into the #Selfloveseries.

See you tomorrow.