Okay so we wanted to talk about the thing that made daddy give more money right?

I remember that vividly but before we continue, let me ask you, how many times did you say Thanks to someone today?

Well, as for me, i can’t remember. It was more than five times i guess.

And part of those times, i felt really crazy thanking folks for things that didn’t really merit any real thanks.

And then one of those folks, a guy that helped me with his charger acted like i was wasting my time. But i still thanked him and moved on anyway.

Ok so back to our story.

The thing that makes people tend to do more favors to you when you appreciate the initial favour is called the law of reciprocity. This law makes folks compelled to do more for you even when you didn’t ask for it.

You know generally, people say: what we appreciate appreciates.

On a good day, thankfulness changes your perception to focus on abundance. And since our minds attracts and enlarges most of the things we focus on, your mind tends to attract the “abundance vibes” you send out.

This process enables the mind to create more of such thought patterns.

Again that’s not our focus for this post. Our focus is to learn how to use the thank you lifestyle to meet man’s greatest need. But i had to dive in there a bit so we can understand something.

The reason my dad added more money to me after thanking him is because he was impressed. That’s all.

Again, I want to reemphasize something I’ve already said.

The only way you can influence someone is to allow yourself be influenced by the things that matters to them.

That’s why if you’re a a marketer seeking to make great sales for instance, you’ll have to first of all, learn how to bond with a new client in a way that will make him respond more positively to your pitch. You’ll want to find a common ground first.

Finding a common ground means you look for what he likes which you have some good knowledge about, strike some conversation from there.

Done successfully, making his topic of interest influence your marketing, you develop some fondness with him.

He suddenly begins to see you as someone with shared interest. Then you guys develop some form of trust. And research confirms that folks will listen to people they trust more easily.

Done well, this waters the ground for you in an exceptional way. And then you can plant your marketing sales. Knowing fully well that you’re building on an existing relationship.

Okay. Enough of this talk biko.

So like i said earlier, saying ordinary words like “thank you” helps people feel appreciated.

And when people feel appreciated, it gives them a sense of self importance. And you must understand that everyone wants to feel important.

That’s the exact reason why folks steal to get rich. That’s the reason people live fake lives on the internet. That’s also the reason you’re reading this.

Because you want to know, so that perhaps you teach others or use it in a way that will make you look smart, outstanding and important.

We’re driven by the need to be Valued, Wanted, Loved and Appreciated. This desire knows no gender

And whenever we say thank you to someone, that’s exactly what their brain is shouting back at them: You’re loved. You’re appreciated. You’re wanted.

You can always influence people if only you will make them feel special.

You can create great and lasting relationships if you’ll show people how much more their presence or actions mean to you.

You can gain a whole lot if only you will first learn how to meet man’s greatest needs, the need to be valued. Instead of waiting to have yours fulfilled first.

Let me stop here before i finish everything mbok.

We’ll continue from the scientific aspects of thank you tomorrow.