Today’s #21daybloggingexperience is themed on the “Thank you lifestyle”.

It is a true story, an event that took place many years ago.yEnjoy!

So that day, i was billed to meet daddy in his office and get some money for transport fare to where i was going.

I got to the office. Stated my case as usual then waited for dad to do the needful.

I was still looking at him expectantly when he opened his drawer and brought out some money.

I threw a casual look again before he even handed me the money then i realized the money was far less than what i expected.

As expected, i grabbed the money with a faint smile then i was like, “Daddy thank you very much”. i thanked him with enthusiasm and left for the door.

I didn’t get out of the door when he called me, Victor, come back here.

Wondering what would be wrong this time around, i went back to him. All of a sudden, he dipped his hand in his drawer again , brought out some more money and gave them to me.

I felt amazed. Felt like this is incredible. That was when I now said, “Daddy thank you God bless you”. And he smiled.

Really, if you want to think about the whole incidence, it will look like he just found some money after i left his desk… But that’s not true.

It was not like he just found more money to add to me. No. He was moved by something. Something deep that made him believe, if this guy could celebrate this little then he could be really excited if i give him more. So he decided to add more to it…

This is where we’ll stop today. I’ll continue with the thing that made daddy give me more money in our very next episode tomorrow.

Keep tabs.