I feel like i should be talking about how to get to really influence people through out this week in this #21day bloggingexperience. So let’s see how far we can go with that.

Alright. I’m going to use my own lessons  and that of a few others throughout this episode1.


I was traveling from Lagos to Uyo. We stopped at one restaurant to eat along the road.

At one corner of the restaurant, some guys were selling grilled meat or what we call suya here.

As i made to get some apple fruits, one of those guys offered me a free bite of the hot tasty meat.

I smiled at him. He was like, take na, it’s free. Just taste it. I refused to collect the meat. I was not ready for it. But I decided to buy some instead.

when i got into the car, i began to wonder why I bought the meat. It wasn’t making as much sense as i expected. It wasn’t even satisfactory. I hardly buy meat like that while on a journey. but i bought it that day Because i liked how the guy presented it to me.

So today, I decided to share this experience with you today so i can teach you at least just one lesson.

It’s much easier to influence people if you allow them to first of all influence you instead of going out to influence them directly. I call this, the ice breaking strategy.

This is how it works. You get to know the person. Make him like you. After that he’ll give you permission to influence him.

Remember you can only make people like you only if they believe you’re worth being liked.

So instead of going to ask people to buy from you, present them a free version of your irresistible offer.

Instead of going to speak to convince people in far away congo to buy your digital camera, learn their native language, go and meet them,  take pictures of them in your camera. Tell them in their language how they can create exactly keep creating the same experience in exactly the same way you did, all the time.

You can easily influence people if only you’ll be selfless enough to allow yourself be influenced by them. This works both scientifically and theoretically.

We’ll continue from here tomorrow. Have a winning evening.