I want to really thank you for reading up this blog, the few days i tried to write my daily blogging experience. I really appreciate you.

If you followed through my initial promise of sharing my blogging journey here on a daily basis for 21 days, you’ll know that i failed at that. A few days after I started.

Yes. I had reasons for that. I had targets to meet. I had people’s work to deliver so i could use those as excuses to cover it up. But, the thing is, i failed to live up to that plan to write here every single day. That’s the truth.

I failed my self and my readers. And i felt really bad. But i don’t want to let that failure stop me so I’m going to start all over again.

You see, the very beautiful thing about failure is accepting it as it is. Taking up the lessons and fixing what has to be fixed.

Let me tell you my friend. You will have some good enough reasons and excuses to give for your personal failures.

People will tell you, hey you’re from a third world country so it’s okay to fail.

Folks will remind you of your background. Of your mediocre school which your level of success is even a plus. They will tell you to calm down after all no one has even achieved as much as you do.

But I’m going to tell you the truth. Your success and failure should be a measure of your dreams and aspirations. And not other people’s measures of success or circumstances.

The simple truth here in my situation is that i failed here on this particular aspiration. It doesn’t matter that i used the chance to work on other things. I lost the chance to create the results that would have gotten me closer to the bigger goals.

As a writer, blogger or entrepreneur, i want you to understand that there will always be so many things seeking your urgent attention.

Out of those things there are some of them that will get you towards your biggest goals if you work on them. There are also others that will only serve a basic need at the particular time.

Don’t sacrifice the future for the present my friend. If you want to keep your focus, Choose what works best with your biggest goals every time.

and whenever you fail yourself like i did. Get up and start all over again. Discipline yourself for every failure and reward yourself for every success.

Today marks the first day in this new #21daysbloggingexperience.

If i fail again, i will start all over again.

Did you learn anything? Please tell me about it. Drop your comments ?

Have a winning week.