So today, i sat at the sport Center looking at Sprinters and how happy they were living their dreams.

As i sat there thoughts streamed through my mind. I began to have memories of my younger teenage days.

I remembered how good i was in field and track events.

I was a sportman. I stumbled on that part of me while we were organizing sporting competitions in secondary school.

The day i got chosen to run, i was pointed out because there was no one else to do it.

No one really believed i could run any far because i looked really fragile.

I never believed i could do it either. But i just gave it my best shot because i felt i had nothing to lose.

That day, i ran hundred metres then two hundred and i won. I felt surprised at myself. I went on to win many more competitions.

Today while seating at the Sport center, i saw people doing just this. Running. And then with nostalgic feelings, i remembered all the fond memories i had.

I remembered the dreams i had about becoming a great Sprinter. I remembered my aspirations and how i wanted to bring everything i had to the field.

I don’t know exactly why it happened but i felt a deep sigh of regret escape my lips. I never lived those dreams. I didn’t give myself the chance to do this. It hurts.

So today as i sat right there, i told myself once again, I might never get to express this part of me. Never.

Look! You might think i’m too young to say this but, i’ve seen my life the way it’s going. I may never become a Sportsman. I might only live my life admiring those who became sportmen.

I feel a bit sad writing about this. But, such is life.


Whatever you have to do. You have to do it while you have time.

Seasons change. Time ticks away. Opportunity ends.

I believe we can really die empty if we decide to pursue the things that lie close to our hearts, when it’s still time.

I love you.