At a point i got really down today.

I felt so sad that i just got to begin to wonder if it’s wrong to feel down.

Is it wrong to feel sad? I began to ask myself.

I was like, hey Vick, you’re supposed to be an inspiration to a whole lot of people out there. You’re supposed to cheer them up and help them find a reason to get going so why would you say you’re feeling down?

I’ve seen folks live fake lives so they can keep being what people think they are. But that’s really silly to me. It’s much like dying from the inside out.

I mean, you can’t cover a wound within forever. Over time it will spread out and people will get to see it.

I think sometimes despite your standing or occupation, you really have to own up to your feelings.

It helps you sort out ways to help yourself deal with it. Denying your emotional states only ends up getting things worse.

If you’re feeling sad, accept it and find out what’s causing it. If you’re feeling suicidal don’t keep it to yourself. Talk to people if you have to. Everyone is dealing with one thing or the other. Stop feeling that people will laugh at you for being honest.

I just said it tonight. I’m really down and out. I know what’s causing it. I’m going to try to deal with it but first, I’m starting with this novel.

Happy Sunday to you.

Have you ever felt down and out? How did you deal with it?