So in our last episode, we came from this beautiful place of self acceptance.

We talked about how you can get to understand and then accept yourself wholly without any apologies.

Today we’ll be talking about forgiving you.

Yes. Self forgiveness is one of the things you’ll give yourself if you really want to set yourself free from the guilt of what you’d ignorantly did to yourself through out those days you didn’t understand your self worth.

You will have to forgive yourself totally of everything that happened to you notwithstanding who caused it.

Yeah. I know this is one of the most difficult part of it. Because you’ve failed yourself terribly. You’ve done bad things to yourself so much so that it becomes difficult to trust yourself to change.

You’ve let yourself down. And you’ve let others down too. But your mistakes are not part of the things that matters at this point. That’s the truth.

What matters is that since you’ve now understood and accepted yourself wholly, the next step you should take towards self love is accepting your mistakes as part of your growth process.

Quit looking at it as a major setback. Begin to see those mistakes as lessons that shaped your experience through that particular stage of your life. That’s exactly how i see mine. And it’s worked for me.

For instance when I look back at how far i would have gone if i didn’t fail at one time or the other, i get to realize i wouldn’t have stories to share. I wouldn’t have gotten all these experiences.

Indeed this part of my life wouldn’t be complete if the things that happened to me didn’t really happen.

So perhaps if that guy didn’t break your heart, you wouldn’t have been able to appreciate love. If you didn’t fail in your first business, you might not have realized a better way to do it.

So self love demands you see every experience and mistakes as part of life. Sift the lessons and let go whatever is left.

It means you accept and value your person including everything that makes you the person you’ve become.

It doesn’t mean you have to be proud of everything you ever did wrong.

…But you have to accept that those were the things that happened. And move on with life without blaming or absolving yourself.

When you really love yourself you realize that your shortcomings do not define you. And because of that you do not let anyone take advantage of you based on your mistakes.

Forgiving yourself totally is one of the greatest move you’ll make that will really heal you emotionally and get you fired up towards loving yourself the more.

I’ll be sharing more about this in our next post. Until then, stay winning.